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Our Mission

A 501(c)3 registered nonprofit, the Nomad Alliance is a group of concerned citizens working together with private and public partners to end homelessness and proffer hope, by providing warmth, nourishment, shelter, employment, healing, legal aid, connection and advocacy to the chronically unsheltered (nomad) population.

What We Do

We are a one-stop mobile resource for the chronically unsheltered in Indiana based from our Salt Lake City founding chapter. Our monthly supply drives offer everything from clothing, blankets, tents, hygiene items and hot, home-cooked meals to haircuts, hot showers, legal and online support. Our historic mass DMV appointments and free ID vouchers obtain necessary identification so people can get jobs, stimulus checks, or apply for housing and medicaid services. Our empowerment workshops, currently suspended until we find a new weekly host, gifted mental health tools and self defense knowledge to connect, heal and strengthen our nomads' belief in themselves. Our employment assistance gifts nomads the self-sufficiency and income to get permanently off the streets. Our micro-home initiative, currently suspended until zoning laws change, showed Salt Lake City that housing people can be easier, cheaper and more successful than anyone has thought. Our Sexy Nomad Calendar gifts nomads the chance to be seen, while also earning small stipends. Our detox kits of vitamins, hydration and snacks have helped dozens of people get off meth, heroin and spice. And our ability to pivot to the needs of the individual has fostered dogs and puppies or stored bicycle parts for bike entrepreneurs so people have one less thing to stress about while getting on their feet. We've found housing in days for an unsheltered woman and her newly born infant, and obtained donations of all the baby's needs. We've been character witnesses that freed our nomads from prison that day. We've gifted 3,000 meals from Waste Less Solutions in one afternoon. And so much more!

How can you help?

Donate to support Nomad Alliance and help us enact change for the lives of the unsheltered by volunteering.
You can see our drop off locations at the bottom of the website.




Showers, Haircuts &
Supply Drives

With 22 Sunday supply drives and counting with upwards of 17 cards and supply stations, we have also began providing showers, haircuts, a hand-washing station, and things like washing hair and gifting our moms on the streets carnations and chocolate to boost morale and provide love, care and improve hygiene and health on Mother's Day.

    In the summer months we boost our hydration efforts, and provide popsicles, ice and hand towels dunked in ice water to keep our friends on the streets cool during supply drives and abatements.

    During one drive on 1/31 we provided enough sandwiches and soup, thanks to donations from Great Harvest, the Iglesia de Cristo En Utah Ministerios Llamada Final and private donors, armed with eight volunteer teams serving eight nomad settlements and feeding an estimated 300 unsheltered living on the streets!

Movie Nights

December 15, 16, 17, 18 from 8pm - 8am for our unsheltered friends. At First United Methodist Church 203 S. 200 E. No weapons, please keep any drug use off the property, no congregating or camping outside. This Is a favor from the church so please respect their space!


It has become clear the homeless crisis is only growing and current solutions are not working. We have advocated our city, county and state government to think of other solutions, presenting a plan for a tiny home community, advocating for restrooms and regular trash pickup, the ending to abatements and identifying bills and advocating for Senator and Representative bill sponsorship for changes to laws which would vastly improve the lives of our friends on the streets. Four Salt Lake City council-members have joined us at supply drives or spoken with leadership at length, we have met with the city Homeless Coordinator, two state Representatives and a State Senator, including inspiring the team and supporters to comment publicly at numerous council meetings. 

Abatement Support

We have moved hundreds of people in advance of and during city abatements, sending our team with trucks and trailers and hydration to save nomad belongings and provide transportation of belongings from camp to new camp.


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Nomad Alliance Indiana is the first chapter to join the Nomad Alliance family!

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